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Escape into sci-fi and fantasy for 10 minutes a week!


What is 600 Second Saga?

600 Second Saga is a weekly science fiction and fantasy podcast. Every week we feature an author and their vision of the fantastic, futuristic, and far-fetched. Each tale is an escape in less than ten minutes to a world of epic fantasy, cyberpunk, shifters, aliens, magic, and more.

Authors include established and new talent from around the world. Podcasts are released at 6 pm on Friday every week. Please support our podcast by supporting our authors.

How can I listen?

You can subscribe through your favorite podcast catcher. (I hope, if your favorite doesn’t have 600 Second Saga, please contact me.) Learn about how to listen to podcasts.

Can I submit my work?

Yes! We are currently open for submissions. Please check out our submission guidelines for details.

I’d prefer to read the stories, can I?

Some authors work may be readable on their website, in the show notes, or for purchase. Check the show notes on each episode for more information. Show notes can also be accessed as the blog post. Check the listing.

How can I support the show?

Please  support the writers directly. Visit the show notes to check out links to the authors and support them by purchasing their books. (And tell them you found them through us!)

Giving the show a 5 star rating on iTunes makes a huge difference to help us reach more listeners. So rate, review, share. Help us spread the word of these great authors.

Who are you?

I’m Mariah Avix (welcome to my site!) the creator of 600 Second Saga. I do the audio, production, and write some of the stories. I have a history with audio, I’ve worked in radio, audiobooks, and elearnings. I also love to promote amazing stories and authors.

Stefan Budansew has been working with me on marketing and promotions.