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Mar 1, 2018

Gossamer by Erin Casey

Erin graduated from Cornell College in 2009 with degrees in English and Secondary Education. She decided to expand upon her teaching knowledge by leading writing sessions for The Writers' Rooms (TWR). This is a literary organization that strives to encourage and foster community-based knowledge to help lead literary sessions and provide a safe, positive writing environment. She is currently one of the co-directors of the organization as well as the Communications and Student Relationships Manager of The Iowa Writers’ House, the parent organization of TWR that helps writers on their craft, career, and community. She attended the Denver Publishing Institute in 2009 and has been a recruiter ever since.

When not volunteering and working, she's writing her LGBT YA fantasy story, as well as a mix of medieval fantasy and urban fantasy books. She recently started marketing an urban fantasy novella that she will be releasing on patreon in 2018. 
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